Detroit Future City


After being susceptible to the World market crash of 2008 and being the first large U.S. city to declare bankruptcy, what remained of Detroit's urban planning and architecture industry were mandated to re-evaluate the city's needs and the potential for sustainable growth. The Detroit Future City project made a call out to the general architecture and design community to propose the redesign of four distinct spaces in the city which were deserted areas in need of revitalization.

This project was to propose the redesign of a large empty lot in the Eastern Market area, a local food hub. The proposed idea is to use a small street entrance as well as the proposed empty lot, to design the space as an outdoor resting area with indigenous aromatic plants, semi-permeable pavement, and a water collecting system. The space would be accessible to the general public, allowing an appreciation of the benefits of urban agriculture as a visceral experience. Below the vacant lot lies the Dequindre Cut, a bike path passing through the entire city from the riverfront into the opposite end of the city's borders. The proposed space creates a bridge which would serve as a resting area for the market visitors and second, as the halfway mark of the Dequindre bike path. 

Design interventions...

- research - exhibition - sustainable - public space -