Meet Light. 

A lamp design project to investigate the meaning of the Eternal Life of Objects. 

"How can design propose responsible consumption and sustainable consumer behaviour?"


Being a consumer is synonymous with being an active participant in our society. "Treat yourself" - a saying our contemporary culture uses to justify our immediate emotional needs through spending irresponsibly. This has an advantage for products and services profiting from this consumer behaviour. The disadvantaged counterparts lie in what is unseen and advocated by only a handful of organisations: our natural environment. Our consumer habits are a consequence of the current state of our planet. 

If every object designed would be inherently produced to last for generations without failing. Proposing a culture of reducing, reusing and recycling could be in the hands of the designer to contribute to an international community ethically responsible for their actions. 



In order to convey a sensible form and sound material sources, some research was done to understand what makes objects valuable, what materials can be promoted as recyclable, can there also be a repurposed item, and finally, what aesthetic would propose something worth keeping?


Renewable materials

The choices made in terms of materiality were in order to respect the local resources available. Not only in our studio workshop, but in our province. 

Quebec has one of the largest aluminium transformation industries in the world. The use of hydroelectricity makes
this possible and it's done on local soil. This non-corrosive material is also 100% recyclable and 95% of the world's
aluminium is in circulation from its initial production. 

White oak is also a raw material readily available in our southern Canadian forests and can withstand high amounts
of stress without breaking or scratching. 



The highly efficient LED technology was chosen for this product, as it diffuses more light in a smaller surface area. The lamp was designed to perform as a hand torch and task lamp when placed on its wooden base. The LED can also be charged from a micro USB charger. 

Form Us with Love

Considering a requirement to design for disassembly, something modular, compact and minimal would help respond to this need and also show the user how easy it is to replace parts or discard them if necessary. Form Us With Love designed this Plug lamp in their Sweedish studio to comment on our need as consumers to find plugs everywhere we go. 



Meet Light.Meet Light.

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