Fine time we recognise our privilege

This project was to raise funds for the countrywide 5 Days For the Homeless campaign. The bag brought awareness to the privileges we take for granted and take the time to acknowledge it. As a member of this collaborative effort, we were to understand the realities of homelessness in our urban context. We made contact with a local homeless shelter and donated our time there during their clothes drive. 

The product was to raise funds for the campaign while bringing awareness to our privileges as individuals who can afford the luxuries of organic goods, higher education, steady income streams and so on. Our critique was of ourselves, and possibly to generate a greater sense of empathy towards the less fortunate whom of many have not chosen such a challenging path for themselves.

As a team member, I participated in the research, the conception and the production of our object. The versatile tote was made of organic cotton, the handles were from second-hand suede coats and the leather tags were scraps from a local leather goods company. 

Our team’s entire batch of 25 bags sold out and donated 800$ to the 5DFH campaign.

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