smart lab

Information design

Smart Lab is a research and development team within the company. It's startup culture and new products require this team to interact with various deârtments and make connections with the startup community outside of the Daimler environment to bring insightful value to their stakeholders. As such, generating impactful visual assets are an important way to convey new information. 


ready to for EQ-FINALEready to for EQ-FINALE

ready-to community

Smart lab exists to provide connectivity services for their customers to enhance their ownership experience. A community platform was created for these users to interact and contribute towards the improvement of these new services. My role in this challenging task is - after understanding the needs of our stakeholders - to provide an updated soundboard for a more cohesive relationship with their growing customer base. 

This image is a small visual asset for the website currently being redesigned using design thinking and user research approaches. 

under construction V4 final-05under construction V4 final-05


smart lab is running a growing collection of connectivity services. I was able to update their iconography database to fit their new needs. 

Design interventions...

- thinking - information - environmental - web - corporate branding -